Welcome to the web site. The purpose of this site is to provide information on topics of interest related to nanotechnology and health issues, but more importantly to provide links to other relevant sites with important information on various topics of Nano-Health. The Issues page provides additional information about various concerns that have been raised regarding nanotechnology. The linked web sites have been selected as those that have additional, reliable information. With the ability of anyone putting whatever they want on a web site, we know it is important to provide links that are both accurate and non-biased.


Health related issues are a concern for an technology, but especially so for a technology that is still in its infancy where its material characteristics may be completely unknown. This topic - Nano-Health - is part of a broader topic of safety. NANO-SAFETY requires many things: knowledge of effects, understanding of particle behavior, toxic effects depending on the application, residual impact on the environment, etc. The areas of understanding can be characterized in a number of categories, which include: 1) Material Properties; 2) Impact on People and the Environment; 3) Handling of Nanomaterials; and 4) Business Focus.

The second item, impact on people and environment, is the topic that should interest everyone. The application of "common" materials at a scale not normally available in nature can create some interesting changes in behavior. As gold particles become small enough, the melting point changes. Thirteen atoms of silver has a magnetic moment. Aluminum below 30 nanometers can explode if not handled properly. These are some of numerous examples of differences in behavior at the nanomaterials level. One issue is that our knowledge is just beginning on these effects. Consequently, proper handling and control of the materials is important to providing a safe environment and ensure that the applications of nanomaterials are pro-health. The purpose of this site is to provide links to sites that have factual information.



This site and its sister site, - are focused on bringing factual information in their respective topics to the general public. Most sites that address these topics are focused at the researchers and convey the information that is normally of a highly technical nature. There is great promise that applications of gold either nanoparticles or carbon nanotubes will provide a means of destroying cancer without the side effects of the current treatment regimes. We hope you find this helpful. Contact us with any comments or new information. Walt